About Michel


Born in 1978, Michel is a Lebanese international-bassist, composer, entrepreneur, psychologist, and music therapist.

Michel started his musical career when he was only six years old. He started to play percussions, the guitar and ended up to master and learn everything related to bass guitar. A passion steadily transformed into a profession, as Michel became the youngest Bassist on the LBCI TV Channel at the age of 15, and subsequently was selected as the best Rock Bassist in Lebanon in 1997, and as part of the top internationally in 2013.

At the age of 21, and after completing a BS in Business Management at the American University of Technology, Michel barely worked for one day in a bank, and never turned back. By the age of 30, Michel built the spark that incited him to pursue a BS in Psychology at The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik. He knew there was a reason for his education and sought opportunities to give back to the community.

Endorsed by four top musical companies in the USA:

Fodera Guitars: https://fodera.com/collections/signature-instrument-deposit/products/michel-labaki-signature-monarch-4-deluxe


Aguilar: https://www.aguilaramp.com/artists-2-more/

Gruvgear: https://gruvgear.com/blogs/latest-news/48753156-gruv-gear-welcomes-bassist-michel-labex-labaki-from-lebanon-as-artist-endorser

Lathonbasswear: https://lathonbasswear.com

An atypical artist, Michel spent four years completing a Music therapy program (EUTERPE) from the HUMANITAS University in Rome. Today, he is expanding his formation in the field under the American GIM (guided imagery and music) Bonnie Method.

The combination of Michel’s experiences built a specialized Music therapy method he invented for substance abuse “The Freelapse Method” at the Oum El Nour rehabilitation center in 2015 (https://www.oumelnour.org).

Its success pushed him to edit the method in a way that’s adaptable worldwide; he traveled to India in May 2016 researching the relationship between Yoga, Psychology, and Music Therapy. As a result, Michel established a wellness destination in the city of Dbayeh – Lebanon, where he launched MUSIYOGA, a method that encompasses Yoga, Music Therapy, and psychology.

Due to Michel’s diverse background and professional formation, The Music Therapy for Addiction is a unique combination that he brought to the field; it merges music design and psychology in a way that has never been done before.

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