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Welcome and Thank you for trusting me to help you on your healing journey! I am looking forward to providing you with top quality care. Below is a list of all the available sessions. You can choose a specific session that suits you the most, or the “General session” which would be related to your needs and psychological state. You can save time filling out the enclosed forms prior to your scheduled session. This will allow me to use all your time wisely.

Available Sessions

  1. Making load lighter
    It is only when you know and understand your loads that you can make them lighter.
  1. Perception of life
    How to perceive and prioritize my life aspects.
  1. Water
    Defining our water traits and their existence in our personality.
  1. Fire
    Defining our fire traits and their existence in our personality.
  1. Earth
    Defining our earth traits and their existence in our personality.
  1. Air
    Defining our Air traits and their existence in our personality.
  1. Love
    Benefits of Love and what type of lover are you.
  1. Losses
    Being aware and conscious how important is the value of every loss, and its impact on our life.
  1. The Power of change
    Accepting small alterations leads to embracing bigger ones, don’t be a prisoner of your past.
  1. Social media
    Disconnect to connect, social media’s impact on my – self.
  1. Psychology of colors
    What color is your personality?
  1. Motivation
    The process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors.
  1. Vicious cycle
    The process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors to prevent situations spiral in a downward loop.
  1. Stress Management
    Ways to prevent and relieve stress.
  1. Mirror
    Meeting the SELF.
  1. Modesty
    Modesty is a virtue. It’s worth to be evaluated.
  1. Initiative
    Personal quality that shows a willingness to get things done and take responsibility.
  1. Gratitude
    How grateful you are.
  1. Worries and fear
    How to overcome your worries, fear and anxiety.
  1. Forgiveness
    The 15 steps of forgiveness.
  1. Empathy
    Empathy assessment and types.
  1. Esteem and confidence
    Comfort of our abilities and your thoughts.
  1. Social skills
    Social media platforms impact on our health and wellbeing.
  1. Balance
    How to find Balance and create harmony.
  1. Emotions Expression
    Verbal and non-verbal emotional expression.
  1. Focus on Meaning
    Figure out what is important to you in life.
  1. Human connection
    Our positive connections.
  1. Physical health
    Physical health benefits.
  1. Stay positive
    Best ways to stay positive.
  1. Thought before action
    Controlling impulsive behavior.
  1. Aside time with your partner
    How to spend more quality time with your partner.
  1. Building positive communication
    Tips for Improving communication skills.
  1. Decision making with your partner
    How to make strong decision together.
  1. Family members encouraging
    How to communicate effectively and encourage family members.
  1. Be thoughtful
    High-level quality of being emotionally intelligent in all your exchanges.
  1. Be truthful
    Essential elements of truthfulness.
  1. Embracing Authenticity
    Ways and principles of authenticity.
  1. Have a grateful heart
    Solutions for Cultivating a Grateful Heart.
  1. Live your dreams
    How dreams become reality.
  1. Practice patience
    Improving your patience.
  1. Put love first
    Follow your heart.
  1. The road to self-challenge
    You cannot fulfill a fraction of your dreams by sticking to comfort and security.
  1. The virtue of being good
    Most important virtues.

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