Music Therapy


The Music Therapy for Addiction, by Michel Labaki, aims at preventing relapse, and comprises a total of 8 weekly sessions, each lasting 1h15mins. A session can host 8 to 12 participants that should have already spent at least 2 months in the rehabilitation center. Upon completion of the program, the participants are rewarded a certificate that testifies to their participation in the sessions, and hence to a successful completion of the Therapy.



  • The participants are informed of the rules pertaining to their privacy and the strict restrictions concerning sharing any session occurrences with non-participants, in-or-outside the rehabilitation center.
  • The sessions are themed, objective-focused, and take place in a multisensory-designed room.
  • The room’s light, temperature, and the music played during the session are manipulated according to the objective(s) and theme set.
  • The music is produced by Michel Labaki himself; its levels of frequency differ from session to session, and its overall design is catered for the session’s objective(s).
  • Each session is assisted by an observer specialized in clinical psychology; the observer takes notes throughout, which remain accessible to the patient, as well as to the concerned professional team treating the participant.




During and by the end of the therapy, the patient will be able to:

  • Define and express his feelings and personal insights verbally and/or non-verbally.
  • Better control and shift emotional states to more positive ones.
  • Use coping and relaxation skills through breathing techniques.
  • Better concentrate.
  • Efficiently communicate in a social setting.
  • Be more independent.
  • Demonstrate better problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Express self-awareness and environment-awareness.
  • Feel motivated to pursue his treatment.
  • Demonstrate physical wellbeing.
  • Better resolve conflicts with his closed ones.
  • Strengthen family and peer relationships.


Today, Michel Labaki’s method has proven successful in achieving such objectives with more than 250 male participants over the last five years.

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